Music Village


World City Music Village 2014

“I think it's amazing when different cultures come together as one, we see too much about them rejecting each other” (Music Village Audience Member 2014) 

Over the 12 days of the 2014 World City Music Village, scores of the UK’s most exciting musicians took to the stage at London’s best-loved arts and heritage venues.  All Londoners, their collective presence highlighted how powerful musican be as an agent for bringing people and cultures together in a World City.

Cultural collaboration is what London and Londoners do best.

Click here to watch highlights from the Festival Finale at Wilton’s Music Hall.

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World City Music Village 2014 was the 26th edition of the Music Village festival, Europe's longest running festival of world cultures.  The Festival was created in 1983 by Artistic Directors Prakash Daswani and the late Robert Atkins, during their time at London’s Commonwealth Institute, 1980-87. In 1987, Prakash and Robert set up Cultural Co-operation, a charity that continues to unite people through high quality engagement with the world’s cultural heritage.