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"Music is my medicine - it is everything to me". A man on a mission, the softly spoken Malo Sonko says that his main aim is to "show what West-African culture is about through music." Born into a
Rhythm guitarist, songwriter and composer Safro Manzangi is more commonly known as the 'High Priest'. His nickname is unsurprising given that over his twenty-five year career in music he has been at
As a child in Iraq, Sahira Hussain recalls seeing travelling groups of Arabic gypsies."They were very skillful dancers and singers but women are not allowed to attend such gatherings so I used to
Master musician and Chaabi singer Ahmed Sa's is a hit maker his song 'Aatitek Al Ahed' (I gave you my word) swept to the top of the Moroccan charts, and he often appears on Moroccan television and
Sam is a singer, promoter, teacher, researcher and confessed die-hard enthusiast of the folk arts. Swapping his many careers including visual artist, teacher of wilderness survival and performer on
Passionate about his electric violin, Sami Bishai quickly worked out that jazz and fusion was his calling. "The thing about London, though it's a cliche, is that it's a melting pot. Which is great
"I don't conform really. I don't follow fashions. It's not something that I seek, because I think it's about the art." Writer, painter, film maker, and Director of Pigment Explosion, Sanchita Islam
Berber musician Seddik Zebiri has broken many hearts - and at 57 is still charming audiences with his infectious mix of Berber rhythms, jazz and blues. It's music to dance to, but as Zebiri points
A compelling cyclical chanting emanates from a mosque set in a beautiful converted priory in Tottenham. The sounds signify a weekly meeting of the Naqshbandi Sufi order, an order founded in 1973 by
Mustupha Serbout's energy and enthusiasm is infectious. "I see this guy on TV and I say my God "please please, give me fingers like him so that I can play like that!'" he says of the first time he